Mirror Mirror On the Wall you Are The Cleanest Of Them ALL..


I really liked how the TriNova Glass Cleaner works . Usually after cleaning my bathroom mirror , I have to go over it a million times to get the streaks off. I got a streak or two but they wiped away effortlessly.( the reason I took away one star) Comes in a plastic bag, with an eighteen ounce bottle of glass cleaner and a spray nozzle. Just unscrew the cap , pull of the seal and insert the spray nozzle and twist. The tube on the nozzle is longer than the bottle so you need to push down and twist. This is to ensure you get to use every last drop. The tip of the nozzle can be turned off or or can use spray or stream. Comes out a yellowish color and has very little odor. I used one spray and a paper towel. I liked how the mirror came out clean with little effort. I love that it is made in the USA but I do not like that it does not list the ingredients. ( only isopropyl alcohol) I received this product at a discount. All my reviews are based on my experience and evaluation of the product so others can benefit in finding quality products that meet their needs and expectations.


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