Discreet Spy Cam..Eyeclub Hidden Camera Spy Alarm Clock

I ordered this camera to keep an eye on my dogs while I was away. My one dog is a diabetic and gets insulin twice a day. I don’t like to leave her alone because I am afraid she will have a reaction when I am not there. Now I can check on her anytime I want. The camera looks like an alarm clock. I received the black one. It took awhile to set up since the directions are a bit confusing. I finally figured out the problem. There is a button in the battery compartment that turns the camera on and mine was on off. Once I figured that out it was not so hard to do. My Samsung then listed the camera in my WiFi. My daughter unplugged it a few times and the camera does not work unless it is plugged in. However the alarm clock feature work on the battery. The time, date , and alarm are easy to set up. There is a setting for the alarm clock that you can set to different sounds, water running, frog sounds, birds, crickets and regular alarm beeps. The quality of the picture is fair. If it is not light enough in the room some objects look purplish. I received this product at a discount. All my reviews are based on my experience and evaluation of the product.so others can benefit in finding quality products that meet their needs and expectations.


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