Tick Tock…Aura Modern DIY 3D Wall Clock

I got this clock to put in my great room. I am in love with all kinds of clocks. I have clocks in every room of my house , most rooms have three or more. I was disappointed when I received my DYI clock. It was a little more DYI then I wanted to do . Only one of the numbers comes with the shiny finish on. The other ones are made of a heavy black foam that you have to stick the numbers on. I have not stuck mine to the walls yet as I am in the process of painting. I am not thrilled that you would need to peel the clock hands off the wall to replace the battery or adjust the time. I am thinking over time you will need to replace the backing on the hands with a double sided tape. Comes with instructions that are easy to understand and a numbering position compass so you get the numbers in the correct position. . You can choose different diameters to make the clock smaller or larger. I received this product at a discount. All my reviews are based on my experience and evaluation of the product.so others can benefit in finding quality products that meet their needs and expectations.


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