Nice Monitor..DEAYOKA FDA Approved Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

As a RN that does home visits I am always looking for things that make my job easier. I work weekends and am the only one on call for 186 plus patients. I like that I can use this to monitor a patient’s pulse and B/P and can still have my hands free to check other things.I have tested it using a Sphygmomanometer cuff and stethoscope and the readings have been on target. Comes with blood pressure monitor,manual, and power cord. Does also run on 4 AA batteries (which are not included). I like that it runs on batteries because it is not always convenient to find a power source in some of my patient’s older homes. Has a large LED screen that is easy to see. Measures B/P from 0 mmHG – 280 mmHG and Pulse from 40 – 199 beats per min. Has a memory that can store up to 2 people. 90 readings for each. This makes a great feature when you go to the doctor and have all your readings handy. It makes it easy for him to review. It also averages your last three readings. Lightweight and portable. Easy to pack up and take with you. I do wish it had it’s own carrying case. I received this product for free. All my reviews are based on my own experience and evaluation of the product so that others can benefit in finding quality products that meet their needs & expectations.


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