Perfect Indoors Or Out..Getit 0.5W Warm White LED Night Light

My niece got a new tent for Christmas and I thought this would be perfect for her. We go camping every weekend and the kids like to sleep out in the tent some nights. The new tent has a hanger in the center for a light. This light is nice because it has the rope handle to hang it from or for the kids to carry if they want to come in to the camp. Simple to use just plug and set on the base to charge. Charges fast and last 3-12 hrs depending on use. Has a 10 min. timer if you are using it to fall asleep and do not want it on all night. If the power goes out the light will turn on automatically if it is on the charger so you will not be in the dark and have to search for a flashlight. Has a soft yellow glow and is pretty bright. The light can be adjusted if a softer glow is desired. It has a really nice design and looks great indoors and out.


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