Everything I need To Keep Me Organized…..Zippered Executive Ring Binder Portfolio By Cre8tive Ink


I recently started a new job and even though we chart on the computer there are still a lot of papers I need to do my job. I bought a plastic clip board that opens and it just was not working for me. I still could not stay organized and had papers everywhere. Then when I saw this I thought that would be perfect. I could punch holes in the papers and organize them in the binder. I could zip it up when I needed to to protect confidential information and not break HIPPA. It is made of a nice soft brown leather, There is a short handle and a pocket on the outside. Zips open with a double zipper that meets in the middle. Comes with a calculator which I needed to add up my miles and hours for the week. ( my time and milage is also on paper). On the left side there is a nice deep pocket , a zippered pocket. a smaller pocket, and 4 slots to keep cards. A three ring binder in the middle. On the right side there is a pad of paper and a slot above it to hold a pen or pencil. This would be a perfect graduation gift for any men or women graduating from high school or college, anyone that works or has a business that wants to look professional and organized. I received this product at a discount. All my reviews are based on my experience and evaluation of the product.so others can benefit in finding quality products that meet their needs and expectations.


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