Holy Tortola

     I have not written much lately on my blog. I have been on a nine day cruise to the Caribbean. I survived 11 days without internet. The best part of not having internet or cell phone service is my 19 and 20 Y/O actually talked to their mother
     We traveled on the Norwegian Gem This is our second cruise on this ship. I have to say the food was plentiful but not very good. My son and SIL had chicken one night and both ended up sick. After that they both gave up eating meat for the rest of the cruise.
     We visited several ports but my favorite was #Tortola. I loved the beautiful mountains with the gorgeous houses high up looking down on the the ocean. The views are incredible. The island is safe and crime-free. It's not unusual to find yachts worth hundreds of thousands of dollars docked in marinas with keys visible in the ignitions. The island is run by the Governor whom is appointed every four yearsby the queen. She has only visited the island twice ..once in 1966 and again 10 years later in 1976.
    After shopping till 11 am we went on a taxi to our excursion. We swam with the dolphins. Our dolphin's name was Hector but she was a 4 Y/O female. They are such beautiful, gentle and friendly animals.
We were only at port from 7 am till 1 pm. Our excursion was from 11 am till 12:30 pm so we did not have much time here, If I win the lottery this is the place I would go and spend as much time as I needed to see all of this island and spend time with the friendly natives.

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