Nice Set Of Tools..

The first time I heard of a comedone extractor tool I was at my sister. She had a blackhead on her nose and she show me how she removes them. My sister is our family “picker” You want to open up your pores with some warm water or steam. You need to pick the extractor that is closest to your blemish size an center it over the zit/blackhead. There are nine different sizes and a lancet to get the oil or white out of hard to pop pimples. Gently apply pressure and pull the extractor a crossed the area. You may have a small indentation but it is nothing permanent. After done washing face with an antiseptic to prevent infection. Tools should also be cleaned after each use with soap and water to prevent infection. Tools are nicely made of a heavy gage mental. Comes in a nice black zipper case with elastic to keep the tools in place. I like that the blackheads that are on the side of my nose or in an odd spot are easy to access with the tools. I received this product for free. All my reviews are based on my own experience and evaluation of the product so that others can benefit in finding quality products that meet their needs & expectations.


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