Love the natural ingredients..Dermatologist and Mother Tested

12375874_1071453459556078_94543061_oI got this anti-acne treatment serum and pore minimizer for my 18 y/o son. He is always asking me to get him something for his face. He was always asking me if his face looked bad and as a mother I would say no but go get him something to really clean his face. I have bought him many different products and have not found any that work for very long and most really dried out his face. They would help some but he would be right back where he started. As a nurse I know that if you dry out your face too much it produces more oil to replace the oil you lost. He works at McDonald’s and when they put him on the grill he has noticed his face breaks out more. I like that this has organic ingredients ,Salicylic Acid [Product in Aspirin) and Made In The USA. I have read in the past if you dissolve aspirin in water and make a paste and apply it to breakouts it takes care of them . After two days I noticed that his face was clearing up and he was very happy of the results. He will continue to use it to help reduce his pore size. It goes on smooth without any greasy feeling and it did not have any adverse effects.I love the fresh citrus smell. Í received this product for free. All my reviews are based on my own experience and evaluation of the product so that others can benefit in finding quality products that meet their needs & expectations


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