Love The Spray..No more Oily Hands

I have used Argan Oils before. I have never tried it in a spray form. The ones that I tried were in a bottle that you poured in to your hair and spread it out through out. I hated the oily feeling on my hands and it seemed that it was all going in to the same spot. I am loving the spray bottle. I feel I can get it more evenly through my hair and can put more on where I need it the moist. My dried out ends. I think that it has a pleasant smell as the other oils I used did. It left my hair with a soft feeling and looked more shiny. I did not have any oily feeling in my hair. I have very thick coarse hair , I followed the directions and curled my hair after using. Apply Thermal Shield to clean freshly washed hair by spraying a generous portion directly onto hair and scalp. Use a comb or brush to evenly distribute Thermal Shield from roots to tip. Allow up to five minutes for conditioner to absorb before styling and applying your preferred styling gel, mousse, or hair spray. I did not use any product except for the Thermal Shield. Leave in conditioner will continue to give hair moisture and balance throughout the day. Use daily or anytime that your hair is exposed to extreme forms of heat. I received this product for free. All my reviews are based on my own experience and evaluation of the product so that others can benefit in finding quality products that meet their needs & expectations.

This is the link to my You Tube video


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