No Mom Not The Beeper!!

Zacro® 330 yards rechargeable Remote Dog Training Collar, for 15 to 100 lbs Breed Vibration/Shock E-Collar I bought this collar because I have 5 dogs and if one starts barking they all chime in. I put the collar on my rescue Gunnar. He is a 80 lb Boxer mix. He likes to get up on the bed and furniture…which is a no-no. I have never had to use the shock mode. Just the beep noise and instructing him what to do has done the trick. If he does not listen I warn him that Ï’m going to get the beeper”and that all it takes. My Chanel likes to go outside and when I call her she does not come in. For her I put on the collar and when I call her if she does not come in ..I give her a beep and she runs for the door. Now I just need to open the door and say “Chanel let’s go..Do not make mommy get the beeper.” Works every time. Since the 5 dogs are always together if the hear the beep they think it is for them and stop what they are doing. I have also used the light on the end to give them all a warning. Since they all have worn the collar at one time or another they all know the beeping sound and the flash of the light. It has help greatly with the barking..The collar was easy to put together and comes with every thing needed to get started. Battery life is around 2-3 days on the collar. The only draw back is the plug to charge the collar is on the side of the receiver and you have to take the collar apart some to charge. Would be much better if it was on the side. I received this product at a discounted price. All my reviews are based on my own experience and evaluation of the product so that others can benefit in finding quality products that meet their needs & expectations.


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