Easy to use Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer Review

SantaMedical RY-230 I really love the ease of this thermometer. It is very easy to use. Comes with batteries and a pouch to carry it in. I am a Visiting Nurse and never liked the idea of using the same thermometer on all my clients. You use a cover but it still goes in someone’s mouth. With this thermometer there is no contact. You just hold it near the right temporal and in seconds you have a reading. Large display and very easy to see. You can also measure the room temp. Has an instruction booklet with normal temperatures for adults and children. This is a great thermometer for children that can not hold a thermometer under their tongue. No more rectal temps. I don’t know how I managed without it. Fast and accurate.All my reviews are based on my own experience and evaluation of the product so that others can benefit in finding quality products that meet their needs and expectations   therm


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