5 Ways to Get People to Read Your Blog


You spend all that time coming up with a great idea. You rush to your computer, and start typing away. You guzzle countless cups of coffee. You get that post up and then…Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

It’s happened to many bloggers, so don’t think you’re alone. One of the most difficult parts of blogging is getting people to actually read what you’ve written. Trust me on this. I know what you’re going through. Now, while I haven’t been (seriously) blogging for all that long, I have found certain tips and tricks to be useful.

If you’re been blogging for a while, the following list may not be entirely new. If you haven’t, I hope you find them to be as useful as I have. Let me know in the comments below! (Psst! Commenting is on the list.)

desk, working, wristwatch, typing, get people to read your blog Comment, comment, comment!

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I have…

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